Counseling for Individuals

Individual therapy can help you deal with the following:


Feeling anxious and fearful, or having panic attacks can be debilitating, and not only affect your sleep, but your daily functioning and ability to concentrate.


Being depressed or in a funk can leave you with a lack of energy, motivation, sadness, crying, and in some cases suicidal, sleep disturbance, foggy thinking, loss of libido, weight loss/gain, difficulties concentrating, or feeling irritable/angry.


Long term stress or multiple stressors can affect both your physical and mental health and the success of your career and relationships.


Dealing with a variety of issues such as the loss of loved one, the end of a relationship, loss of a job, a physical injury/medical condition, children leaving the nest, can be difficult and overwhelming.


Whether you have been betrayed, or are the betrayer, counseling can help you move forward and deal with trust issues, make healthy changes, and heal.


If you have experienced physical, emotional/mental, sexual abuse,  you may require  counseling to help you heal and feel empowered in your life.


Therapy can help you with a treatment plan to get into recovery and provide tools to maintain recovery and lead a healthy life.

Adult Children of Alcoholics & Codependency Issues

Therapy can help you understand caretaking and codependent behaviours and patterns.

Low Self-Esteem Issues and Being Assertive

A lack of confidence can affect not only how you feel about yourself, but how you deal with issues in your life and relationships.

Life Transitions / Changes

As we go through life, we may at times struggle with life transitions or change either personally or professionally.

Family of Origin / Childhood Issues

Some of what we experienced growing up in our families can sometimes affect many of our current relationships and keep you stuck. Counseling can help you understand the patterns and dynamics from childhood and learn healthier ways to communicate and deal with the people in your life.


Talking to friends and family may not be sufficient to address whatever issue or life circumstance you experiencing difficulties with. Individual counseling can help you deal with the above kinds of issues. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, stress management, and various strategies can help you deal with anxiety, depression, negative thinking, and fears. You can learn tools and strategies to help you deal with a specific problem/situation and create the kind of change in your life that you desire. Working through emotional blocks can lead to better emotional and physical health. You can learn how to set healthy boundaries for yourself and with others to enhance the quality of your life.

Lori was an advisory board member at Heaven’s Fitness (1991-2004), and believes in seeking a healthy balance in all areas of your life, including physical, emotional, relationships, work, and spiritual (if you are spiritual). Counseling can help you reach your goals, successfully resolve issues and move forward with your life. 

To contact Lori and book an appointment, please call (403) 242-5247 or fill out our contact form here.